Overview of Our Investment Process

Importance of dedicated and disciplined investment strategy


We examine current market conditions to tailor investment strategies balancing risk and reward based on future projections. Based on the strategy, we will target formations and geographies that provide an opportunity to fulfill our investment mandate.


With our target areas, we execute a deep-dive into the statistical analysis on market sizing, reserves, and estimating future cash-flows for various reservoirs, decline curves, production profiles, and internal rate of return benchmarks.


We utilize our in-house team of landmen to begin acquiring interests in our target areas. Having an in-house acquisition team allows strong control over asset quality, acquisitions costs, and purchase prices.


Every month we collect and verify royalty amounts ensuring the investors are receiving their entitled payments (distributed quarterly).  We handle all aspects of the ownership process, making it a seamless process for our investors.

Royalty Interests

A Dedicated and
Systematic Approach

Royalties are complicated and sophisticated instruments. Add into that the complexities involved with the oil and gas industry, and it is easy to see how potential investors may become overwhelmed when looking for a complement to their existing portfolios.

We bring a rigorous, dedicated and systematic approach to tailoring royalty strategies based on market conditions to offer investors favorable risk/reward opportunities.

Backed by a strong management team, Oak Bridge Royalties operates its business based on its Investment Philosophy and Business Principles.