Our strategies our guided by our Investment Philosophy

Dedicated Process

We are continuously fine-tuning our Investment Process based on market feedback and conditions. Our goal is a consistent, repeatable, and scalable process that allows us to deliver on our investor expectations. 

Consistent Approach

Our goal is to be the premier provider of royalty investments for our investors and a reputable buyer for our mineral owners. We understand that our reputation is the key to our long-term success.  We look to build trust with our partners through consistently delivering on those expectations.

Tailored Strategy

We constantly seek to analyze and understand current and projected market conditions to execute tailored investment strategies that we believe offer favorable risk/reward scenarios for our asset class. We make it a priority to develop specialized knowledge, which we use to apply to the investment strategies for our investors.

Focus on Risk Control

We believe that risk control is the foundation of successful investing.  It’s not only how much you can make as investor, but, more importantly, understanding how to protect on the downside as well.  The winners understand that what you keep in returns ultimately determines an investor’s long-term success.

Proprietary In-Depth Research

We utilize deep-statistical analysis in all areas of our investment process. Many of our people have a background in engineering and statistics, which we leverage in our analytical framework.  From running probability curves on commodity futures to fine-tuning our acquisition process, we believe that numbers can provide an unbiased rational for helping us identify the best path forward. 

Benefits of Specialization

We believe that developing a deep expertise within our asset class allows us to best to understand and identify opportunities.  Our asset class is highly-fractionated and, many times, inefficient.  By developing specialized knowledge, we are able to capitalize on investment opportunities on behalf of our investors.