Oak Bridge Royalties

Core Values


Clear communication is the cornerstone of our ethics. We strive to set clear expectations of our investment philosophy and practices to our investors.  With mineral owners, we maintain open and transparent criteria for property acquisitions.


Our reputation is the key to our long-term success. We seek to be the premier provider for investors looking to diversify into royalties and property owners considering divestiture.  By focusing on fair practices, we strive to integrate a strong level of ethics into our industry that can provide confidence to individuals looking to enter the asset class. 

Fair Dealings/Win-wins

We look for win-win situations where all parties feel a net benefit from transactions. Our goal is to be the number one provider of royalty investments; as such, we understand that prioritizing fair-dealings helps us build our reputation and succeed in the long term. 


We believe in doing our homework ahead of time, so that we are prepared to act quickly when opportunities arise. Part of this includes our proprietary databases that allow us to bid quickly and confidently based on our fair-value ranges.  We are vertically integrated, and having an in-house acquisition team allows us first-hand marketplace knowledge and the ability to execute efficiently.  

Personnel Practices

Our Principles are the cornerstone to our daily operations. These apply to our investors, royalty owners, and the employees of our company.  We look for employees that have exhibited these principles in the past, and use our company culture to reinforce them in daily practice.  

Communication with Clients

We seek to have an open line of communications with our clients, and to be a source of knowledge on market trends within our industry. We look to build long-term relationships with our investors, and part of this includes ongoing education to keep our clients well-informed.